Monday, December 1, 2008

Renewable Energy Field and Category

Emcee: Debra Poneman

Under the umbrella of CNT is CNT Energy.

CNT Energy, a non-profit organization, works to promote the efficient generation and use of energy in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and control energy costs resulting in more livable communities. CNT Energy is an affiliate of the Center for Neighborhood Technology, working across disciplines and issues, including transportation and community development, energy, natural resources, and climate change.

CNT Energy concentrates on helping consumers and communities obtain the information and services they need to control energy costs and become more energy efficient. Areas of focus include building performance, real-time electricity pricing, climate change analysis, and regional energy planning.

CNT Energy is evaluating and demonstrating the value of green buildings, highlighting the cost savings and environmental benefits of working in green buildings. CNT works to get clients, occupants and customers engaged in how the building operates so that they take action to help the building achieve its performance goals. CNT Energy is developing interactive tools that building managers can use to improve building performance and set energy reduction targets.

CNT Energy also offers a one-stop energy efficiency shop for owners of multi-family rental buildings. The Energy Savers program offers building owners in Lake and Cook County access to energy assessments, financing options, assistance with tax benefits, construction oversight, and an annual energy performance report.

CNT Energy has audited more than 3,000 units in Cook and Lake Counties and, in partnership with the Community Investment Corporation, has assembled financing for many buildings to help them implement energy efficient upgrades. From beginning to end, Energy Savers makes it easier for building owners to undertake the energy efficiency improvements that will cut costs and help to maintain affordable, high-quality rental housing.

Finally, CNT Energy is a leader in developing and implementing successful real-time electricity pricing programs for residential customers. As a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping individuals and communities manage their energy costs, CNT Energy designs programs that produce benefits for consumers, the environment, and the electrical system as a whole.

CNT Energy administers the Power Smart Pricing program. Power Smart Pricing is an hourly electricity pricing program for residential customers in central and southern Illinois who are served by the Ameren Illinois Utilities. CNT Energy provides information, services and tools to help program participants manage their electricity costs with hourly pricing.

In northern Illinois, CNT Energy also works with ComEd to provide information and services to customers enrolled in the ComEd Residential Real-Time Pricing Program.

CNT Energy looks forward to continuing to provide innovative solutions to the energy challenges facing individuals and communities, offering solutions that are affordable, attainable, and sustainable for years to come.

Accepting the award is the Director of CNT Energy, Ms. Anne Evans.